Finding your way through Canada


Canada is a great holiday destination that has so much to offer for everyone looking to get in touch with an interesting culture that combines rural landscapes with cosmopolitan cities. Considered by numerous studies and reports as one of the most livable countries in the world, Canada won’t disappoint you no matter what activities you’re interested in.

If you’re not the outdoor type, you should know that Canada is not all about natural landscapes and camping trips. This beautiful country is filled with modern and multicultural cities known for their unique personality. Destinations such as Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal are known all around the Globe. However, there are several other cities that are worth to consider.



For example, some places are famous for their marine culture while others boast fantastic mountainous landscapes or their French heritage. Because Canadian cities are a tad smaller compared to those in the USA, you can take your RV GPS and take full advantage of what this country has to offer.

The first thing tourists notice when they arrive in Canada is that people are friendly and like to communicate, while crimes are relatively low.

If you decide to see Vancouver, this is one of the hot spots in Canada thanks to the number of people that want to live here. This city is surrounded by water and has a cool mountain range that you can admire. Apart from this, the winters here are extremely moderate and don’t include so much snow. This is extremely important because Canada is known for its harsh winters.


Another destination that you might find appealing is Calgary in Alberta. Known for the Calgary Stampede which is an annual rodeo event that attracts many people every July, this city is your path to the Rocky Mountains.

I don’t think there’s a person left in this world that hasn’t heard about Niagara Falls. Even though it can get a little crowded, you must see the beauty of this powerful waterfall so make sure you put a mark on your itinerary.



The biggest city in Canada is Ontario. Mistakenly considered the capital of Canada, the city is, in fact, a unique mix of all sorts of cultures such as English, Chinese, Irish, Scottish, Italian, and East Indian. If you want to enjoy the best food as well as venues and museums, you must visit Ontario while finding your way through Canada.

In addition to this wide array of large cities, Canada boasts a large number of natural wonders. Because the country has a big coastline, you can take the RV and visit everything you’ve always dreamed to see starting with the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, the Dinosaur Provincial Park and ending with the Nahanni National Park Reserve.