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Fascinating facts about the Kennedy family


I have recently, due to my love for history, taken an interest in the Kennedy family. I have always found the extensive historical family to be quite fascinating because they achieved so many admirable deeds in such a short time. They have changed the face of America, and people seem to forget that there’s more to that mysterious family than just the late J. F. Kennedy.

They are thought of as the closest thing to a royal family the U.S. has ever come to have. There were nine kids in the notorious family, alongside their parents, Joseph Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald. Together they had plenty of tragedies to deal with, a thing which has led many to believe the family was under a curse. Down below you have the facts that have fed the imagination of fanatics for years.



The first fact concerns J. F. Kennedy’s sister, Rosemary. His father, Joseph, was concerned that his daughter was suffering from severe mental health issues. That’s why, in secret, without anyone in the family knowing it, he pulled strings for his daughter to have a lobotomy performed in a psychiatric facility. The procedure went wrong, and it left Rosemary incapacitated and isolated for life.

The intriguing couple formed by JFK and Jacqueline always wanted children. However, fate was against them as their first child was stillborn. It was a girl, and she is buried next to their parents in the Arlington Cemetery. Their second baby, Patrick, who was born in the same year Kennedy was assassinated, is buried in the same place. He too died early, nearly two days after his birth, but his death has only brought the two devastated parents closer together.

Another family member that was met with sudden death was Kennedy’s brother Michael. He died almost instantly in a skiing accident, after hitting a tree. It was a sad accident caused by poor visibility. He was the black sheep of the family, and it was later discovered that he was having an affair with his babysitter who was fourteen at that time.

Another member of the Kennedy family who had an unfortunate fate is his brother, Robert, who ended being shot. He too had eleven children like his father, and the last one was born six months after his premature death in 1968. His children have carried on his humanitarian acts and his fight for equal rights in America.

Some well-meaning people love them, and others completely despise them. However, no one can deny that this unpredictable family had nothing but a curse on them. They were followed by tragedy at every corner. That didn’t stop them from enjoying life to the fullest, but instead, it made them stronger because they realized you never know when the show will suddenly stop.