Fascinating facts about the Kennedy family


I have recently, due to my love for history, taken an interest in the Kennedy family. I have always found the extensive historical family to be quite fascinating because they achieved so many admirable deeds in such a short time. They have changed the face of America, and people seem to forget that there’s more to that mysterious family than just the late J. F. Kennedy.

They are thought of as the closest thing to a royal family the U.S. has ever come to have. There were nine kids in the notorious family, alongside their parents, Joseph Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald. Together they had plenty of tragedies to deal with, a thing which has led many to believe the family was under a curse. Down below you have the facts that have fed the imagination of fanatics for years.



The first fact concerns J. F. Kennedy’s sister, Rosemary. His father, Joseph, was concerned that his daughter was suffering from severe mental health issues. That’s why, in secret, without anyone in the family knowing it, he pulled strings for his daughter to have a lobotomy performed in a psychiatric facility. The procedure went wrong, and it left Rosemary incapacitated and isolated for life.

The intriguing couple formed by JFK and Jacqueline always wanted children. However, fate was against them as their first child was stillborn. It was a girl, and she is buried next to their parents in the Arlington Cemetery. Their second baby, Patrick, who was born in the same year Kennedy was assassinated, is buried in the same place. He too died early, nearly two days after his birth, but his death has only brought the two devastated parents closer together.

Another family member that was met with sudden death was Kennedy’s brother Michael. He died almost instantly in a skiing accident, after hitting a tree. It was a sad accident caused by poor visibility. He was the black sheep of the family, and it was later discovered that he was having an affair with his babysitter who was fourteen at that time.

Another member of the Kennedy family who had an unfortunate fate is his brother, Robert, who ended being shot. He too had eleven children like his father, and the last one was born six months after his premature death in 1968. His children have carried on his humanitarian acts and his fight for equal rights in America.

Some well-meaning people love them, and others completely despise them. However, no one can deny that this unpredictable family had nothing but a curse on them. They were followed by tragedy at every corner. That didn’t stop them from enjoying life to the fullest, but instead, it made them stronger because they realized you never know when the show will suddenly stop.


A few things you should know about radar detectors

We all know that radar detectors are supposed to tell us if we’re about to pass near a police radar and help us avoid being pulled over for speeding. But how do they work? Nothing reinforces the confidence in a machine that to know a little bit about how it functions.

To understand how this device detects radars, we must first get to know how radars work themselves. These pieces of apparatus create and broadcast electromagnetic waves, which, in their path, encounter different objects and bounce back off them. It is the same principle that bats use when they’re flying. The time that the wave needs to return to the radar is used in calculating the distance of that particular object. As to the speed of a moving object, the radar reads the different frequencies of the returning wave and is able to calculate the speed of the object the wave hit. So basically, a radar consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The more expensive it is, the better results you will experience.

So a radar detector actually detects the electromagnetic waves that are emitted by the police radar – in theory. In practice, radar detectors detect all the waves on the frequencies it’s capable of reading, so if a garage or supermarket door functions on the same frequency, the radar detector will go off.

However, radar detectors manufacturers have thought of ways to eliminate the number of false alarms, by giving the driver the possibility to turn off some of the frequency bands, for example the x-band, which is the oldest and is now slowly becoming obsolete. Another addition to the modern radar detectors is the integrated GPS that shows you where the immobile red light cameras and speed cameras are, and let you see is you have other type of emitters nearby.

Lidar or laser guns are much more difficult to avoid, since their beams are shorter and quicker. However, some radar detectors can be accompanied by a light-sensitive panel that will catch the laser beams from a lidar gun.

POP radar was invented to take drivers who use radar detectors by surprise, by emitting a radar transmission with a very small duration and it was a very effective method for a while, but now most radar detectors are prepared to seize these types of beams as well.


Starting out as a photographer with a point and shoot camera

When my brother decided that he wanted to become a photographer, I wanted to gift him a camera. He was completely new to the world of photography and hence I wanted to give him a camera that would make his job easy.

A point and shoot camera is the best digital camera one can have, if he is taking his first steps in the world of photography. There are thousands of point and shoot cameras and to choose one from among them is not an easy task for anyone. Features, size, and price are few factors to consider when choosing your first point and shoot camera.

I was adamant, that I will give him a good quality camera; at the same time one that is easy for him to use and learn the basics of photography. Canon, one of the best brands in point and shoot cameras, has been offering many easy-to-use point and shoot cameras lately. They are affordable and can record full HD quality videos. So, I thought of purchasing a Canon camera.

The Canon Power Shot ELPH 300 HS 12.1 MP is a point and shoot camera perfectly suited for beginners. It is one of the thinnest cameras, with 24mm ultra wide-angle lens. It also has the optical image stabilizer feature and 5x optical zoom. One of the most interesting and attractive features of the Canon Power Shot ELPH 300 HS 12.1 MP is its capability to take excellent quality pictures in low light without using flash.

The Canon Power Shot ELPH 300 HS 12.1 MP point and shoot camera supports high speed shoot which is a great plus. It has 32 predefined settings from which you can choose the best for your image. The Canon Power Shot ELPH 300 produces excellent quality images when compared to other brands with similar features and price tag.

The video quality of the Canon Power Shot ELPH 300 is very good as it supports HD quality. The videos are good enough to put in websites and YouTube without being edited for quality improvement. There are two modes for taking pictures, auto and camera mode. Canon Power Shot ELPH 300 has CMOS sensors which is far better than CCD sensors. On the whole, the Canon point and shoot camera is a perfect gift for someone who is taking his first step in the field of photography.


My all-time favorite fishing equipment

Whenever you have some spare time and you need to get away from the crowd, you should relax and catch up with your old pals on a small fishing trip. I get this feeling from time to time so I always make sure my fishing gear is ready for a journey.

The majority of the people I know have a hard time learning which piece of equipment matters most and what is crucial to pack with you when going fishing. After years of learning everything there is to know about this wonderful outdoor hobby, I’ve managed to create a little must-have list that compiles my all-time favorite fishing gear that I use during each fishing session.

Besides my favorite rod that I never ever leave my house without, I like to put an extra line in my fishing tackle box. Sometimes the fishing line breaks or gets tangled so it’s a great idea to have a spare one with the rest of your tools. Since the line depends a lot on the area you’re fishing and the kind of fishing you’re hoping to catch, you need to make sure that you get an adequate one. For example, you must get a durable and heavier fishing line if you plan on fishing in a rough environment because it can reduce the chances to snap. On the other hand, if you’re only going for a quick fishing trip in crystal clear lakes, a thin, clean line will do.

No matter what kind of fishing you’re into, don’t forget to stock your fishing box with all sorts of hooks. I usually like to have a traditional J-hook but I believe you can add the french hook as well. Nevertheless, no matter what type of hook you decide to carry, get a bunch of them in different sizes.



Let’s move on to bobbers or floaters, as many anglers called them. These are the ones responsible for alerting you when the fish grabs the bait. Basically, the bobber will sink when the fish bites so you’ll know the when to reel in the catch. Depending on your personal needs and preferences, you can choose between white plastic and round red bobbers. Fishing enthusiasts tend to prefer round bobbers because they can be easily clipped to the line. However, they can impose a limit on how deep you cast the line.

Because putting only a hook and a worm alone makes the rod sink too fast and too deep, you’ll most certainly need to attach some sort of weight that compensates. These are called sinkers and are typically made of lead. Before using them, check whether there are laws that prevent them due to environmental issues.



Finding your way through Canada


Canada is a great holiday destination that has so much to offer for everyone looking to get in touch with an interesting culture that combines rural landscapes with cosmopolitan cities. Considered by numerous studies and reports as one of the most livable countries in the world, Canada won’t disappoint you no matter what activities you’re interested in.

If you’re not the outdoor type, you should know that Canada is not all about natural landscapes and camping trips. This beautiful country is filled with modern and multicultural cities known for their unique personality. Destinations such as Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal are known all around the Globe. However, there are several other cities that are worth to consider.



For example, some places are famous for their marine culture while others boast fantastic mountainous landscapes or their French heritage. Because Canadian cities are a tad smaller compared to those in the USA, you can take your RV GPS and take full advantage of what this country has to offer.

The first thing tourists notice when they arrive in Canada is that people are friendly and like to communicate, while crimes are relatively low.

If you decide to see Vancouver, this is one of the hot spots in Canada thanks to the number of people that want to live here. This city is surrounded by water and has a cool mountain range that you can admire. Apart from this, the winters here are extremely moderate and don’t include so much snow. This is extremely important because Canada is known for its harsh winters.


Another destination that you might find appealing is Calgary in Alberta. Known for the Calgary Stampede which is an annual rodeo event that attracts many people every July, this city is your path to the Rocky Mountains.

I don’t think there’s a person left in this world that hasn’t heard about Niagara Falls. Even though it can get a little crowded, you must see the beauty of this powerful waterfall so make sure you put a mark on your itinerary.



The biggest city in Canada is Ontario. Mistakenly considered the capital of Canada, the city is, in fact, a unique mix of all sorts of cultures such as English, Chinese, Irish, Scottish, Italian, and East Indian. If you want to enjoy the best food as well as venues and museums, you must visit Ontario while finding your way through Canada.

In addition to this wide array of large cities, Canada boasts a large number of natural wonders. Because the country has a big coastline, you can take the RV and visit everything you’ve always dreamed to see starting with the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, the Dinosaur Provincial Park and ending with the Nahanni National Park Reserve.